Worship in the parish sits firmly in the rich and wonderful Anglo Catholic tradition within Anglican Christianity.  It offers a very deep and enriching expression of the mysteries of the revelation of God in Christ and its immense significance for humanity, corporately and individually.  Worship is an essential part of being truly and fully human.  We may not realize it but everybody worships something, whatever takes precedence in your life: be it power, position, wealth, sport, sex, another person etc may be your substitute for the living God.  Worship is the way in which we establish and grow our relationship with our creator.  It is through and in this relationship that every aspect of life and our relationships takes on a wonderful balance and a new context.  It is not something which negates self, it is not anti-pleasure, or anti-world, or anti a satisfying life. For Jesus said, “I came that you might have life and have it abundantly.”  Being Christian is about the most positive thing anyone can be.  This is not saying that life will be free of suffering and pain and devastation but that when it occurs there is a framework of reference that can give strength and clarity in the way we deal with what life throws at us.


Music is a very important part of worship.  It is the glue that sticks it all together.  We have a good musical tradition in the parish.  Well known hymns, songs and melodies have powerful associations in our lives.  When we hear such music we are filled with many memories that are part of who we are.